Aussie Fly Hotel


Australia’s Best Outdoor Fly Trap

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Aussie Fly Hotel™

Australia’s Best Outdoor Fly Trap

• Catches up to 60,000 flies.
• Lasts up to 12 weeks.
• Proprietary bait for Australian flies.
• Easy to use.
• 100% non-toxic/natural bait.
• Doesn’t attract bees or other insects.
• Attracts female flies – stopping the reproductive cycle.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Flies cannot build up resistance to the trap.
• Bait safe around children and pets but keep out of reach.
• Lures, traps and kills flies before they reach your home or building.
• Reusable – only purchase more bags and bait as required.
• Economical – low cost and requires no electricity.
• Proven design in over 27 different countries.

1. Remove the red top from the cover dish and unfold the bag.
2. Straighten out the mesh cone and make sure that the hole is open.
3. Add the bait and two litres of water. Top up water if evaporated.
4. Replace the red top into the small holes in the cover dish. Allow 3-4 days to activate. Add a pinch of soil/compost to speed up process.
5. Hang outdoors 15 meters from living area at head height in shady area.
6. When finished slit bag and drain into garden/compost (good fertiliser). Replace bag and bait.

1. Aussie Fly Hotel Trap + Bait + Bag.
2. 3 Refills for the Aussie Fly Hotel Trap (3 bags and 3 baits).



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Trap or Refills

Trap, 3 Refills


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