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Bringing natural light into your home and office.

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Most of us live busy lives and barely have the opportunity to get adequate sunlight. We need about 15 to 60 minutes of sunshine per day to receive the health benefits of sunlight. This can be difficult to achieve every day as a large proportion of us(including myself) work in an office for the majority of the day. Normal incandescent bulbs only emit yellow light as they are deficient in the natural green/blue and purple spectrum. Compact fluorescent bulbs are marginally better but still lack parts of the much needed blue and purple spectrum. Natural sunlight is full spectrum blue-white light while our current light bulbs are very poor imitations.

Dr John Ott(the father of full spectrum lighting) noted the effect of light on living organisms. When part of the full spectrum of light was excluded(using conventional lights) there was a negative effect on plant/animal and human health. His work showed that it is essential to have full spectrum light for optimal health.

We were not happy with the sub-optimal lighting that we spend so much of our lives working and living under. We couldn’t find a light that met our high quality standards but was at a affordable price so we had to get them especially manufactured. We have been using the full spectrum lights in our home/office constantly and we are very pleased with the results. We are sure you will also.

Key Benefits

•  Full Spectrum Natural Light.
•  Improved Mood/Sleep/Energy and Overall Health.
•  Reduced Eye Strain with Improved Clarity and Sharp Colours.
•  Lasts 8,000 Hours (up to 8 times longer than standard bulbs).
•  Affordable for the home and office.
•  80% Less Energy Consumption than a Incandescent Bulb.


•  Colour Rendering Index (C.R.I) of 82.
•  Correlated Colour Temperature (C.C.T) of 6500K is a blue-white light like sunlight.
•  13 Watts (equivalent to a 65 Watt incandescent bulb).
•  Height 10.5 cm x Width 4.5 cm.
•  Designed to operate with Australian power (220-240V) and fully compliant with Australian standards.
•  Bayonet fitting (as seen in picture at the top) that will fit most Australian light sockets.
•  Sold in a box of 6 bulbs. 


Extra Information

•  Multiple quantity discounts are available so you can afford to put full spectrum lights in the whole home or office.
•  If you are interested in distributing this product please contact us.

Additional information

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