Complete Trichoderma fungi with a demonstrated ability with with a broad-spectrum bio-balancing potential.

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TrichoGuard™ is a safe biological agent that has a demonstrated ability as a effective chemical-free option for bio-balancing.  The beneficial fungi and bacteria in TrichoGuard™ protect the crop as a preventative but also actively bio-balance undesirables. Our unique proprietary stains have been extensively selected for maximum field results in Australian conditions.


Key Benefits:

•  Complete blend of crop beneficial fungi and bacteria. 
•  Can aid in bio-balancing – particularly effective in the recovery of previously damaged Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia affected crops.
•  Consistent plant health increases.
•  Reduced crop losses and chemical inputs.
•  Inexpensive.
•  No withholding period.
•  Easy to use for both the commercial grower and home gardener.


Pack Sizes:

 • 15 kg pail.


Application Rates: 




Greenhouse / Indoor Crops 1000 g / 5000 m2 Apply every 2 weeks.
Horticulture Field Crops 2 kg / hectare Apply monthly.
Agriculture Crops 2 kg / ton of seed Mix 2 kg into 6 litres water and apply to 1 ton of planting seed immediately before planting. Or apply via liquid inject at planting.
Seedlings / Saplings / Dip 1000 g / 100 L Apply at seed planting and to seedling plugs before field planting.
Orchards 1000 g / hectare Apply 2 – 3 times / season prior to bud burst.
Vineyards 1000 g / hectare Apply 3 – 5 times / season prior to bud burst.
Turf 200 g / 1000 m2 Apply monthly in growing season or when bio-balancing issues arise.


Increase the frequency if undesirables are detected or entering incubation weather conditions.


Field Application Notes:

•  TrichoGuard™ should be added to the tank last after all other inputs have been diluted.

•  Foliar spray early morning or late afternoon in the cool of the day with a Delta T between 2 and 8 (Delta T is used as an indicator for the best possible spraying conditions. More at ). If unsure of Delta T don’t apply in hot or windy conditions. Apply to point of run off for best results. Use medium to coarse nozzles.

•  Do not apply below 5 °C.

•  Apply at your normal water rates per hectare.

•  TrichoGuard™ is not compatible with biocidal chemicals. Do not mix with fungicides / bactericides or toxic chemicals as contains live organisms.

•  Spray tanks and equipment in contact with microbes must be clean to prevent the proliferation of contaminants.

•  TrichoGuard™ may need filtered to prevent equipment blockages. We recommend a 100 micron on the spray or injection tank.

•  Use clean non-chlorinated water for best results.


Product Analysis:

Contains specifically selected strains of the following:

Trichoderma hazianum and Bacillus subtilis – 100 million cfu per gram.


Storage and Handling:

•  While handling and applying microbial products protective clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn.

•  Wash your hands after using the product.

•  Store in cool, dry place ideally between 4 °C and 10 °C out of direct sunlight.  Storage in the fridge is preferred but not in the freezer. DO NOT FREEZE

•  Use as soon as possible after opening but if this cannot be achieved then refrigerate remainder immediately after use and use within 3 months. Contamination of contents may occur at any time after opening and BioStim takes no responsibility for opened product not used immediately.

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