Twin Soil Meter


The easiest way to test soil pH and moisture.

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Measuring soil pH and moisture is critical for soil health. Anyone can take multiple soil pH and moisture readings in a short period of time with this robust and versatile meter. With conventional pH meters the soil needs to be dissolved in water before a reading can be taken, but this meter can read pH and moisture directly without sample preparation. This rapid way of measuring soil pH and moisture allows multiple readings to be taken across a field to get a better understanding of the pH and moisture profile of the field.

Key Benefits

•  Accurately measures soil pH from 3 – 8.
•  Accurately measures soil moisture.
•  Quickly takes multiple measurements in the field.
•  Portable and compact for field use.
•  No batteries or power required.
•  Inexpensive.
•  Easy to use for both the commercial grower and home gardener.

How to Use

1/  Place the meter in soil until the brass ring is fully covered by soil. If the soil is hard, break it up finely so that the meter has good soil contact.
2/  Wait about 20 seconds and read the pH; then press and hold the button on the side to obtain the moisture reading.
3/  Wipe the meter with a cloth and take another measurement. After taking a few readings average the results since this will give a better indication of the entire field.

Interpretation of Results

Soil pH:
Soil pH should be between about 5.5 and 7.5. Consult standard tables for the ideal soil pH for your crop or plants.

Soil Moisture:

* 3 is equivalent to about 17% v/v of moisture, a slightly moist soil
^ 7 is equivalent to about 16% v/v of moisture, a slightly moist soil

Extra Information

• This product is covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
• To maintain accurate readings remove oxidation from metal rings by lightly polishing with a rag before use.
• If the soil is very dry lightly water the soil then wait 30 minutes before taking a reading.
• If the soil is hard crumble the soil so there is a good contact and force isn’t required to insert the meter.
• pH measurements are not accurate for moisture readings greater than 8.
• Do not leave the meter in the soil for more than 1 hour.
• Do not measure liquids with this meter. It is designed for soil use only.
• Make sure the metallic surfaces are clean and dry before storing. Try not to touch the metallic surfaces as the oil in your skin will reduce current flow.

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