Zing Honey


Gourmet Spicy Infused Honey

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Zing Honey™

Gourmet Spicy Infused Honey

• Real Australian Gourmet Honey.
• Aged Gourmet Peri Peri Chilli.
• Mild Infused – Ideal For All Applications.
• Replace Boring Honey With a Little Spice.

Use Ideas

Tea / Coffee: Switch boring honey/sugar for something with a bit of zing.
Chicken Wings / Drumsticks: Drizzle over with a touch of soy sauce for oven roasted joy.
Morning Cereal / Oatmeal: Start the day with the most important thing in life, spice.
Beans / Broccoli / Carrots: What can make steamed vegetables even better?
Fried (Einstein) Eggs: Cook eggs to your liking. Add a teaspoon of honey to pan and spoon over eggs.
Pizza: Drizzle over your favorite pizza to bring out the flavours.
Cheese Platter: A little spicy honey on cheese/cracker makes the world right.
Grilled Cheese: Turn an average grilled cheese sandwich into something special.
Fish / Pork / BBQ Ribs / Steak / Lamb: Spiced honey adds a touch of sweetness.
Cured / Smoked Meat Platter: Ham and spicy honey is a killer.
Stir Fry / Salad / Salsa Dressing: A little goes along way.
Toast / Waffles: Start the morning with something quick and tasty.
Ice Cream / Yogurt: Add a little or a lot.
Peanut Butter / Zing Honey Sandwich: The gourmet alternative.
Oven Roasted Nuts / Chickpeas: Coat with salt/herbs and enjoy.



  1. Ty L. (verified owner)

    Amazing, just wish i could buy a bigger bottle of it!

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