WaterCheck™ is Australia’s most comprehensive water testing service. Whether you need to check to see if suitable for human consumption, irrigation or livestock WaterCheck™ can give you all the information you need. We often see water sources high in sodium or boron so if they are not tested how can one determine safe application levels?

Free WaterCheck™ report just pay for the standard laboratory analysis fees.

Below is a list of what is included in the test and report:

•  Ideal levels tailored to your water use (Human, Irrigation or Livestock).
• Your analysis levels displayed in easy to read graphs.
• Over 25 important water factors measured and analysed.
• A one to five star water health rating.
• Professional analysis of deficient and excess nutrients.

Below are tested and analysed/reported on the standard WaterCheck™ test:

pH Manganese
Electrical Conductivity (EC) Nickel
Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) (calculation) Lead
Water Hardness Zinc
Total Alkalinity Nitrate
Turbidity Ammonium
Total Coliforms Phosphate
E.Coli Bacteria Sodium
Aluminium Potassium
Arsenic Calcium
Cadmium Magnesium
Chromium Chloride
Copper Sulfate
Iron Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR)


Water Sampling Method

•   Fill a one litre sample into a clean plastic bottle. Rinse the bottle four times with the sample water before collection.

•   Fill bottles to overflowing, then cap so that minimal air is trapped. Tape lid of bottle shut (multiple layers) so it won’t dislodge during postage. Place 2 plastic bags around bottle and tape them shut also. Post in a box.

•   For dam, creek or spring waters, take the sample at a ten to twenty centimeter depth and away from the bottom and sides.

•   Tank waters can be collected at the tap or direct from the tank, depending on preference or access.

•   Bores require pumping out for fifteen to twenty minutes prior to sample collection.


Pricing, Payment and Postage

WaterCheck™ Standard Tests and Report (SW-PACK-005) $165.00 Inc. GST per sample.

Optional Extra:

•   Pesticide Check – Organo-chlorines (OC), Organo-phosphates (OP) and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).  (SW-PACK-010) $99.00 Inc. GST per sample.


Please fill in your credit card details on the sample form HERE (Microsoft Word version HERE) or include a cheque (payable to “Environmental Analysis Laboratory”) for the total.  Please complete the other parts of the sample form to be included with your sample/s.


Click here to download Sample Form


Post samples to the below address with the sample form to:
Environmental Analysis Laboratory
Priority BioStim Customer
PO Box 157
Ph: (02) 6620 3678 Fax: (02) 6620 3957