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The One Politician That Changed My Life Retires – Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s message of liberty changed my life. We don’t need more government regulations as lobby groups from the left and the right have power to get things changed in their favour. This constant battle has to stop over other peoples resources (taxes) and the only way to stop the bickering to to reduce the role of government and let liberty take charge.

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False Organic Fertiliser Purveyor Gets One Year In Prison

03022012411“By cheating and deceiving his organic farming customers, Mr. Townsley took advantage of their trust and undermined the integrity of an entire industry,” said Haag. It is no different in Australia as there are organic fertiliser companies doing the same thing. Hopefully the organic community can flush out these companies so it isn’t ruined for the honest certified organic suppliers. You can find a list of good certified suppliers at .

Read the full story at

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10 Questions To Distinguish Real From Fake Agriculture Science

Great article. Applies to agriculture and human health as we are constantly bombarded with so called experts all willing to sell us a solution.
1. What is the source?
2. What is the agenda?
3. What kind of language does it use?
4. Does it involve testimonials?
5. Are there claims of exclusivity?
6. Is there mention of a conspiracy of any kind?
7. Does the claim involve multiple unassociated disorders?
8. Is there a money trail or a passionate belief involved?
9. Were real scientific processes involved?
10. Is there expertise?

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Kate Mason a Real Egg Producer

Great to see Kate Mason in the paper and her positive message. Instead of forcing all farmers to be free range let the customer decide. Educate the customer on the benefits of your product and the difference with the competition and fake free range. Below are come quotes from Kate.

“Our biggest challenge is getting consumer respect and understanding for what we do as farmers,” Kate said.

“On paper consumers say they want ethical, free range, organic products but there is a lack of understanding that there are higher production costs involved.

“If they want free range eggs, they also need to be willing to pay for it.

“Every dollar they spend is a vote.

“So if people can buy their eggs cheaper, how am I supposed to continue doing what I’m doing if the consumer isn’t willing to pay for it?”

She said the only way egg producers, and farmers in general, could get ahead was to be on the front foot of innovation and she hopes to uncover some advanced egg production systems on her study tour.

“The big question is how are we going to educate people to respect their food in the future?” Kate said.

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Guar a Possible Crop Alternative

With guar gum being used in coal steam gas extraction this may give farmers a market to finally make a few dollars out of guar.guar

More at I think most farmers would prefer real private property rights so are allowed to do whatever they want with their land.

Personally I think we should sell off the mining rights to land holders so we never have this conflict of interest again but that doesn’t seem to be a popular option.

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Ebook – Resolving Climate Change 3 – How Science Can Fail Us

One of our readers Colin has just told us about his new eBook Resolving Climate Change 3 – How Sci
rescc3ence Can Fail Us.

“Don’t think for a moment that with a title like ‘How science can fail us’ that this is a climate deniers delight. It’s exactly the opposite – climate change is real and happening now – it is about how the reductionist approach of modern science is hindering finding solutions to climate change and how the speculative approach of the innovator, using the systems approach can provide solutions.
The problem is clear. Resolving climate change requires a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel use. The economic needs of developing countries and the wish to maintain a comfortable life style in the affluent countries means that simply stopping using coal and oil is not an acceptable option in the short term.

There is an abundant supply of sustainable energy in wind, solar and wave power but these have the immediately practical problem that they cannot be controlled, the energy cannot be stored and released when needed. Given time the technology could be developed but that could take up to fifty years. Until this technology is developed cutting back on greenhouse gases by abandoning fossil fuels simply will not happen.”


You can find it at and the other 2 books in the series at .