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Avoiding Health Risk from Electromagnetic Waves

According to Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York; it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF). And The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns “There is reason for concern” and advises prudent avoidance”.

This indeed caused some health concern.

Nowadays electrical appliances and devices are everywhere and we get exposed to EMF to such high exposure that it’s no surprised that even children suffered from over – exposure of EMF.

EMF exists surrounding any electrical devices. Since nearly everywhere we have electrical devices and appliances it’s quite impossible for us to avoid the EMF exposure totally. Nowadays people have begun to realize the danger of long term (or chronic) exposure to electromagnetic waves and how it cause fatal disease to us.

To date there are many health risks associated with over exposure of electromagnetic waves and it’s proven by countless studies worldwide. Some of the health risks of over exposing yourself to electromagnetic waves include;

•  Damage to your DNA by the radiation that are sometimes cannot be repair by cells
•  Damage to brain cells, that can lead to suicide
•  Increase in blood pressure
•  Cause cancer such as brain tumour, bone marrow and lymphatic cancer, and breast cancer
•  Increasing the growth of cancer cells
•  Miscarriage
•  Asthma
•  Affecting your immune system

In order to avoid these health risks, you need to prevent yourself from getting unnecessary exposure from EMF such as electrical devices. It’s a good idea to buy using electrical devices or appliances that are battery – operated whenever possible as they produce lower EMF. When buying electrical appliances always opt to buy from reputable and established brands

Of course, realistically speaking you can’t possibly discard all the appliances and buy new ones according to the safety steps mentioned above. But you can take proactive steps by purchasing an EMF detector so you can prevent yourself from getting unnecessary chronic or acute exposure at all costs.

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The Magnesium Oil Scam

It does not take much effort when you are searching the Internet to uncover links referencing a magnesium oil scam. Unfortunately, there are many people that are trying this product every day in hopes for various cures to a growing list of ailments. There are brick and mortar stores selling these products with their cure-all claims as well as websites. It is imperative that the truth is shared because the scam is not only dubious but it is also very costly.

Just to make this clear from the beginning, what has been deemed magnesium oil does not exist. The mineral itself is incapable of producing an oil.  When magnesium chloride blends with water, it creates a solution that can have a somewhat ‘slick’ feeling.  That experience is not the result of oil in any way.  This is a mineral and oil is not produced by its chemical breakdown at all.

magnesium_oilScammers are making claims that their oil is transdermal magnesium. In other words, they want us to believe that this product absorbs through the skin and cures all kinds of medical issues.  As part of the sham, male pattern baldness is said to be cured. They claim the product clears out the clogged pores of the scalp that are hindering the hair growth process.  This would be fantastic if it were possible for the scalp to absorb the magnesium as the claims express.  The reason for this is that this mineral is an ‘ion’ and studies have shown in the past that penetration by the skin does not happen very well.  Additional testing with lab results is needed to support the manufacturers’ claims.

In addition to hair loss cures, there are claims transdermal magnesium therapy cures cancer.  The amount of mineral that is absorbed by the body can easily be achieved by using Epsom salt.  It is much more cost effective to invest in a few boxes of that than to fall for their scam. According to them, magnesium deficiency in the body manifests in low lying, seemingly non-related health concerns.  It is of the utmost importance, according to the peddlers of the product, for many people to use a magnesium supplement.  There are believers that accept our bodies’ age due to incorrect levels of magnesium in the tissues.  Interesting, that is another angle they use to reel people in. Seniors and those that fear aging are more likely to jump on board if they put a fountain of youth type of spin on it.
There are also reports that the mineral can get rid of pain. They claim an arthritic attack can be cured.  When affected hands are placed in the magnesium chloride bath or rubbed with the oil, swollen hands should shrink and the pain should leave within five minutes or so.  Does this really happen?  Is the solution capable of creating that kind of relief?  They conclude that most pain related suffering would improve based upon this so-called oil. Again, the manufacturers and their proponents made these claims without substantiating evidence of proof.
Transdermal magnesium is pushed as a body supplement. It is not difficult to find out what the RDA requirement is for supplementation.  The Internet has shown some companies that state this oil cures diabetes.  There are listings of elimination of nerve damage by its use.  Research shows that the amounts in the body would have to be approximately 40 to 50 times the RDA recommendation. Again, this is not with anything to support these claims.  This scam is making claims of nerve regeneration and cures for ailments that otherwise there are no known cures.
The only warning that researching this scam showed was that people using the supplement initially should not overuse it.  The transdermal magnesium may cause skin irritation when applied to the skin in the beginning.  Some skin is more sensitive than others are.  According to them, the body will have a better response if it is allowed to get acclimated to the oil.   Next, they hit you with it will take around 2 to 3 months of using their supplement to get your magnesium levels where they should be in your cells. What a joke! That is how they get you to continue to buy their product because they know you most likely will not see any results.
Magnesium is the supreme cure. Where are the case studies to prove this?  If the claims that it has panoramic action, and is similar to a tonic for cells, where is the supporting evidence? Unfortunately, there are far many reviews on the Internet that tell a different story. They make claims of nary side effects. It has been stated that in comparison to prescription medications, it is far better for the body.  It is accurate that prescription medications can have adverse reactions on the body. This should not be compared to a scam of a product.  The makers want us to believe that this mineral ‘oil’ is helpful to individuals with any type of disease.  It is recommended that you do your own research. People with serious conditions, such as kidney malfunctions, should seek medical advice from a physician.
The mag oil scam states that it is one of the more needed minerals in the human body, they sale it as a great disease preventive.  Write-ups on its use for extending life exist, as well.  According to them, no one would ever become ill from a stroke, heart attack, cancer, hair loss, or diabetes if their body’s magnesium levels were at the perfect levels. Again, learn all that you can and decide for yourself.

You can read a real doctors opinion at

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Soil Food Web Graphic

This is the famous US Department of Agriculture Soil Food Web graphic but in vector so great for publications of posters. They gave me the files/permission to improve it. If you would like to put this graphic on your site please use the code below:

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Fertigation Basics


Fertigation as a method became widely used in the early 2000s. Basically the this is a way to supply plants with nutrients, usually in the form of fertilizers. In fact it can be used as well to bring to the soil amendments and different other materials like agricultural chemicals. Fertigation is one of the most effective ways used in order to fertilize crops because practically there is no waste of fertilizer when it is applied. The application of the fertilizer is made directly via the irrigation system together with the water itself. This fact allows precise control of the quantity and frequency of application of the fertilizer. The main principle of fertigation is to supply the growing plants with fertilizer little by little.
Usually fertigation works in the so called “fertigation systems” and it’s always combined with the existing irrigation system. Meaning that where the irrigation water goes to the same place goes the fertilizers. The distribution of nutrients in this system is controlled and they are applied only when needed and in calculated quantities. In short fertigation is simply irrigating crops with nutrient enriched water with controlled pH.

Fertigation systems can control:

•  The applied quantity of fertilizer
•  The length and timing of fertilizer applications
•  The amount of the different fertilisers


The benefits of using fertigation can be divided in two main groups: benefits for the plants and economical ones.
Using fertigation system will help the plants grow well developed green parts. It’s essential that the roots are healthy, because they are mediator that is connecting the nutrients and the plants. The constant levels of nutrients help plants have steady nutrition regime which results in healthy plants that are less disposed to droughts and diseases.
Talking about the economic benefits on the first place must be mentioned the tree main items of expenditure these are the labor, the machinery and the cost of the fertilizers. The irrigation system is doing all the hard woks so the only manual labor is supplying the system with fertilizer, monitoring of the crops and making some adjustments if needed. The machinery is no longer needed as well. Because the fertilizer is brought to the plants in a form that can be directly absorbed there is no need for “overdosing in advance”. This overdosing results in runoff which causes pollution. So fertigation has some significant ecological benefits as well.

Methods of dosification

Quantitative method. This method is used when the fertigation system uses a fertilizing tank. The concentration is predefined and the fertilizer is applied only after the irrigation process has started.
Proportional method. In this case the fertilizers are applied by injection pumps. The concentration is fixed and proportional to the water sheet.

Methods of application of / injection the fertilizer

Continuous method. In this method the application of the fertilizer has constant rate from the begging to the end of the irrigation.fertigation-venturi

Three-stage method. The injection of the fertilizer is performed after the irrigation started and before it finished. This means that the fertilizing starts only after the soil is wet.

Proportional method. This is very simple method which is based on the proportion between the water and the fertilizer. It’s applied with constant proportions for example 1:1000 (fertilizer to water).

Quantitative method. This is the method that allows nutrients to be strictly controlled. It is allowing to apply different amounts of fertilizer to the different irrigated blocks(measured in liters of solution).


When choosing the injection method it is crucial to take the one that best suits the irrigation system and the crop to be cultivated. Incorrect injection method can damage the irrigation system and harm the effectiveness of the nutrients. For example if the pipes of the irrigation system are very long than there is a high chance that the nutrients will not reach till the end in cases like that it’s very important to install some supporting tools (like extra pumps) that will help the liquid transportation.
When using a fertigation system the issue connected to the fertilizers is very important as well. When preparing the solution there are few points that must be taken under consideration:

•  Fertilizers compatibility and solubility
•  Number of stock tanks
•  Injection time
•  Types of the fertilizers
•  The use of chelates
•  Reaction of fertilizers with water

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Agriculture Conversion Calculator

To put this spreadsheet on your own website please use the below code:

<iframe width="693" height="2510" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="!273&ak=t%3d0%26s%3d0%26v%3d!AIlqDsApP8mkLoQ&kip=1&wdAllowInteractivity=False&AllowTyping=True&ActiveCell='Sheet1'!E3&Item=Sheet1!Print_Area&wdHideGridlines=True&wdDownloadButton=True"></iframe></br><a href="">Agriculture Conversions</a> 

List of conversions below:

Acres to Metres, Metres to Acres Acre Feet to Cubic Metres Cubic Metres to Acre Feet Feet to Centimetres Centimetres to Feet Gallons to Litres Litres to Gallons Gallons per Acre to Litres per Hectare Litres per Hectare to Gallons per Acre Grams per Litre to PPM PPM to Grams per Litre Acres to Hectares Hectares to Acres inches to centimetres Centimetres to inches Pounds to Kilograms Kilograms to Pounds Pounds per Acre to Kg per Hectare Kg per Hectare to Pounds per Acre Pounds per Gallon to Kg per Litre Kg per Litre to Pounds per Gallon Kilometres to Metres Metres to Kilometers Ounces to Litres Litres to Ounces Gallons per 1000sq.ft to Litres per 100sq.m Litres per 100sq.m to Gallons per 1000sq.ft Gallons per Litre to Litres per Hectare Litres per Hectare to Gallons Per Acre Feet to Metres Metres to Feet Metres to Centimetres Centimetres to Metres Square Feet to Square Metres Square Metres to Square Feet Cubic Feet to Cubic Metres Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet Mile to Kilometres Kilometres to Miles Miles per Hour to Kilometres per Hour Kilometres per Hour to Miles per Hour Ounces to Millilitres Millilitres to Ounces Percent to grams per Kilogram Grams per Kilogram to Percent Square Feet to Square Metres Square Metres to Square Feet P205 to P P to P205 K20 to K K to K20 Calcium ppm to Calcium Meq/100g Calcium Meq/100g to Calcium ppm Magnesium ppm to Magnesium Meq/100g Magnesium Meq/100g to Magnesium ppm Potassium ppm to Potassium Meq/100g Potassium Meq/100g to Potassium ppm Sodium ppm to Sodium Meq/100g Sodium Meq/100g to Sodium ppm Calcium ppm to Calcium Meq/L Calcium Meq/L to ppm Magnesium ppm to Magnesium Meq/L Magnesium Meq/L to Magnesium ppm Potassium ppm to Potassium Meq/L Potassium Meq/L to Potassium ppm Sodium ppm to Sodium Meq/L Sodium Meq/L to Sodium ppm

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Agriculture Conversions

Convert To Multiple by
Acres Hectares 0.4047
Hectares Acres 2.4711
Ca (Calcium) CaO (Calcium oxide) 1.3994
Ca (Calcium) CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate) 2.5
CaO (Calcium oxide) Ca (Calcium) 0.7146
CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate) Ca (Calcium) 0.4
K (Potassium) K2O (Potassium oxide) 1.2047
K2O (Potassium oxide) K (Potassium) 0.8301
Mg (Magnessium) MgO (Magnessium oxide) 1.6581
MgO (Magnessium oxide) Mg (Magnessium) 0.6031
P (Phosphorous) P2O5 (Phosphate) 2.2915
P2O5 (Phosphate) P (Phosphorous) 0.4364
N (Nitrogen) NO3 (Nitrate)  
NO3 (Nitrate) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) (NH2)2CO (Urea)  
(NH2)2CO (Urea) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) NH3 (Ammonium)  
NH3 (Ammonium) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) Protien (General)  
Protien (General) N (Nitrogen)  
Si (Silicon) SiO2 (Silica)  
SiO2 (Silica) Si (Silicon)  
Al (Aluminium) Al2O3 (Aluminium oxide)  
Al2O3 (Aluminium oxide) Al (Aluminium)  
Fe (Iron) FeO (Iron oxide)  
FeO (Iron oxide) Fe (Iron)  
Fe (Iron) Fe2O3 (Iron (III) oxide)  
Fe2O3 (Iron (III) oxide) Fe (Iron)  
Fe (Iron) Fe3O4 (Magnetite)  
Fe3O4 (Magnetite) Fe (Iron)  
Na (Sodium) Na2O (Sodium oxide)  
Na2O (Sodium oxide) Na (Sodium)  
Na (Sodium) NaCl (Sodium chloride)  
NaCl (Sodium Chloride) Na (Sodium)  
Ti (Titanium) TiO2 (Titanium dioxide)  
TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) Ti (Titanium)  
Mn (Manganese) MnO (Manganese oxide)  
MnO (Manganese Oxide) Mn (Manganese)  
S (Sulphur) SO3 (Sulphur trioxide)  
SO3 (Sulphur trioxide) S (Sulphur)  
S (Sulphur) SO32- (Sulfite)  
SO32- (Sulfite) S (Sulphur)  
S (Sulphur) SO4 (Sulphate)  
SO4 (Sulphate) S (Sulphur)  
Sr (Strontium) SrO (Strontium oxide)  
SrO (Strontium oxide) Sr (Strontium)  

Example: To convert 10 acres to hectares is 10 multiply by 0.4047 = 4.047 hectares.