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Business to business or B2B communication is a kind of transaction between two businesses that is purely based on commerce. This landscape can prove to be a very difficult one to navigate, especially in this growing digital era. With the help of social media it has become easier for any person out there to become an opinion leader that makes the information out there a bit more confusing and conflicting. This ability to make your information or the content stand out can prove to be challenging, more importantly when it comes up to the B2B communication.

Understanding your market is very important in order to maximize the sales. You need to make sure that you have a good identification of your target audience and have a well defined or differentiated message before you start developing the content or the process of communication. To give a boost to your B2B business marketing, it is necessary to take care of the errors or mistakes that people usually make.


1.  Treating the social media like other marketing campaigns

It is necessary that you do not follow the same route of one-way communication as this can prove to be one of the biggest mistakes for the marketers. To promote your product in the market especially on the social media it is highly required that you get to be truly engaged with your audience. You’re essentially spamming people if you certainly don’t loop up a bond of communication with them.


2.  Being the same

Applying the one-size-fit-all technique can prove to pull down your brand name as many companies implement this rule. If we step back and think if a fashion company is the same as a financial firm, the answer will surely be a NO! Treating different companies in the same manner can prove out to be damaging. Be sure to segment while developing online marketing campaigns. The chances of running a successful business campaign can be lowered if there is not a well defined audience. Content that does not stand out from the rest will not yield the promised results.


3.  Limiting the target audience

Social media is all about sharing the useful information with the connections which will prove to be your customers. If you do not build loyalty by using the social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube you’re unknowingly drowning the repute of your business as your brand name will certainly start going out of the limelight. Never forget the potential customers and never assume that whoever reads your posts will have a full understanding of whatever services or products that you have to offer. You can bring in potential customers by giving a clear overview of the solutions that you may provide. By neglecting the audience, you will certainly lose potential customers with the inability to convert them into customers with a lead nurturing program.


4.  Old is gold

You may think that old is gold but it is not necessary that every proven marketing channel can synchronize with the requirements of your target audience. Relying on the same old contents and channels you will stop getting higher leads. It is important to re-evaluate each of the marketing channel and putting in some clear metrics around them so you get an idea of which channels to use and which ones to be literally turned off.

There may be emergence of new marketing channels; it is good enough to research where the competitors are as they may be going for the same type of people.


5.  Impatience

Everything takes time, especially when you’re trying to make any buildup on the social media. They may be quickly disheartened by the lack of response on the social media if the people start diving from fray with gusto. Building up a social media presence and personality will always take time but you need to be patient as the patience can be worth it. When you’re producing social media content it doesn’t mean that you will be able to offer something right now to the followers that already exist. It is more like you are developing a back catalog of material for future followers to pursue.


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