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‘Detoxifying’ Foot Pads: The Scientific Results

feet-detox-foot-padsWith our busy lives and forever demanding work load many of us are living an unhealthy lifestyle. There is plenty of media coverage around the habits and the list of first world health problems seems to be increasing. Unhealthy eating habits and accumulation of poisons and toxins in the body including heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury are a concern. Most of the population is already aware of their unhealthy lifestyle and sincerely desires to do something about it. Many pharmaceutical companies have mushroomed sensing big business opportunities around this fear. They know people are aware about their unhealthy life style and are desperate to do something about it. However the demanding work pressure and busy lifestyle hardly offers them any breathing space to plan out a healthy day and have healthy meals three times a day. Left without any option to make even a slightest change in their lifestyle people are increasingly turning to Miracle Medicines and therapies that will rescue them of this situation without requiring them to make any change in their present unhealthy lifestyle. Surprisingly majority of the miracle medicines and such therapies don’t work, yet they are out in the market because big profits can be made. One such miracle therapy is the ‘Detox Foot Pads’.

Detox Foot Pads claim to rid the body from poisons, toxins, parasites, metabolic wastes and cellulite. There advertisements claim it to be an incredible detox system that naturally extracts and removes the toxins from your body while you are asleep. Some manufacturers even claim that Detox Foot Pads helps in reducing blood pressure, treating depression and helps in weight loss. However ridiculous they may sound, people easily fall for them as they are desperate. Recently the US Federal Trade Commission charged some of the distributors of Detox Foot Pads for deceptive advertisement yet their sales are only on the rise because people find this an easy substitute to a disciplined lifestyle. What they don’t seem to understand is that anything that sounds too good to be true might not always be true and needs to be carefully backed by credible scientific studies. As far as Detox Foot Pads are concerned, there is no scientific study or evidence ever published in support of the claim they make.

According to a news article published in an online authoritative medical journal by Dr. Mercola, an experiment on foot pads were carried out by a reporter and her husband as per the direction of the advertisement and the resulting used pads were sent to an independent authorized laboratory for testing. The test reports shocked the reporter and only confirmed their doubt. The analyses established that the used pads where identical to the unused ones and tested negative for heavy metals, such as mercury and arsenic and the 23 other solvents including benzene, styrene and toluene.

The official statement published on directly from Dr Mercola stated that the Kinoki foot pads and other similar foot pads claim to draw out everything from heavy metals to toxins, to metabolic waste to parasite to cellulite and restore vitality and health. However the chances are highly slim that they are actually doing what they claim.

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Solution: There isn’t much you can do as regulators are asleep like on most issues.  Everyone can take a stand and don’t purchase ANY products from stores that sell these products.  Take your ALL of your business to reputable health businesses that don’t prey on the sick by selling scams to make a quick buck.  

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