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Eliminate Poverty

Libertarians often get criticized that we are greedy and selfish. This is often miss guided as those making these comments are often greedy themselves eg. unwilling to share what they have with those in 3rd world countries. We often say “world aid is taking form the poor in rich counties and giving to the rich in poor countries” so how do we really help?28012012191

1/ Break down all tariffs. Poor farmers have no chance of competing and even go broke because of subsidised imports.

2/ Stop funding overseas governments. Often gets funnelled into other areas eg. military weapons. Even foreign food aid is diverted. The the amounts that are not diverted it builds dependency which isn’t good for both parties (what if the USA goes broke or the receiving country doesn’t adjust?)

3/ Teach them to fish. In this century the best way to get out of poverty is education with capitalism. Most of us live in Western counties where we are given these opportunities but most of the world isn’t. Foreign aid doesn’t always work (see above) but smaller personalised aid does work. The best I have seen is . Students are selected and then pay back the loan with interest so the money can then be recycled back for future students. Is costs $300 per year for one student but any donation will be accepted.

BioStim Pty Ltd is supporting this project at one student for 4 years (university degree). I hope others can consider it also as it will be great to be part of self funding aid that lasts forever.

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