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How To Fix Things

I am not sure if Bob Ellise is playing a joke or totally crazy.


My version below:

Gift all Mining Rights to Current Land Holders.

Allow More Gina Rinehart’s to Create Jobs.

Increase the GST to 15% including Food and Change the Income Tax to a Flat 20%.

Tear up Zoning Laws that Limit the Number of Shopping Centres per City.

Legislate to Reduce Council Rates by One Third.

Make it Compulsory that People are not Forced to Pay for Public Transport via Rates/Taxation.

Legislate that No Council can Limit the Number Parking Stations Built.

Introduce a Form of National Service so Instead of Paying Income Tax you can do National Service One Weekend a Month if you Wish.

Stop Paying People to Have Children.

Stop Paying People to Have Children Play Musical Instruments.

Sell a Quarter of Queensland’s State Owned Land.

Encourage the Chinese to Buy Australian Houses, Flats, or Farms.

Sell all State Assets that the Private Sector Cannot Perform.

Deregulated all Agriculture Marketing Boards.

Legalise all Uses of Marihuana.

Ask Holden to Pay back the Bribes we Sent Them.

Legislate that all Australian Submarines and Warships are to be Built by the Best and Most Efficient no Matter their Race.

By these means we would double, probably, the number of young people working, and supporting the older generations now in their eighties and nineties.

Think about it.

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