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Cheap Agriculture Books

In Australia currently agriculture books are serverly overpriced. With the Australia dollar being high prices should have come down but they haven’t.

We have put together a great collection on common sustainable/organic/biological books at great prices that include free delivery.

 Gary Zimmer - The Biological Farmer

The Biological Farmer
by Gary F. Zimmer

Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production. It is a safe and sustainable system designed to keep production up. Once the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil are in balance, you can expect optimal outputs, even in bad years. Biological farming improves the environment, reduces erosion, reduces disease and insect problems, and alters weed pressure — and it accomplishes this by working in harmony with nature. Skilled biological farmers learn how to take care of soil life — they nurture it, feed it a blanced diet, and use tillage tools and methods to enhance soil life. Biological farmers learn proper fertilizer uses to correct mineral and nutrient imbalances to feed plants and soil life. This is the farming consultant’s bible and Zimmer knows how to make responsible, sustainable farming work.
6 x 9 inches. Softcover, 352 pages, Item # 6438.

Sold in Australia for $49.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $20.00 Including delivery.


Hands On Agronomy
by Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters

The soil is more than just a substrate that anchors crops in place. An ecologically balanced soil system is essential for maintaining healthy crops. This is a comprehensive manual on soil management. The “whats and whys” of micronutrients, earthworms, soil drainage, tilth, soil structure and organic matter are explained in detail. Kinsey shows us how working with the soil produces healthier crops with a higher yield. True hands-on advice that consultants charge thousands for every day.
Softcover, 391 pages, Item # 4120.

Sold in Australia for $49.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $28.03 Including delivery.

Science In Agriculture
by Arden B. Andersen, Ph.D.

By ignoring the truth, ag-chemical enthusiasts are able to claim that pesticides and herbicides are necessary to feed the world. But science points out that low-to-mediocre crop production, weed, disease, and insect pressures are all symptoms of nutritional imbalances and inadequacies in the soil. Science in Agriculture is a concise recap of the main schools of thought that make up eco-agriculture — all clearly explained. Gain a working knowledge of chemistry, physics, and plant biology as applied to agriculture. Discover what weeds are trying to tell you about your soil’s fertility needs. Learn how to design and implement a program to produce crops, pastures, turf, landscape or ornamentals of balanced nutritional and mineral content. Both farmer and professional consultant will benefit from this important work.
Softcover, 376 pages, Item # 4080.

Sold in Australia for $39.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $24.17 Including delivery.


The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook
by Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D. & Ronald B. Ward

In this readable, easy-to-understand handbook the authors successfully integrate the diverse techniques and technologies of classical organic farming, Albrecht-style soil fertility balancing, Reams-method soil and plant testing and analysis, and other alternative technologies applicable to commercial-scale agriculture. By understanding all of the available non-toxic tools and when they are effective, you will be able to react to your specific situation and growing conditions. Covers fertility inputs, in-the-field testing, foliar feeding, refractometers, tillage, livestock nutrition, moon cycles and subtle energies, and more. The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook is the result of a lifetime of eco-consulting.
6 x 9 inches. Softcover, 236 pages. Item # 6339.

Sold in Australia for $49.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $23.36 Including delivery.


by David Holmgren

David Holmgren uses permaculture principles as a framework for an empowering but
challenging vision of creative adaptation to a world of energy descent. This book builds on the extraordinary success of the permaculture concept and global
permaculture movement (over the last 25 years), to provide a morecerebral and controversial contribution to the sustainability debate.
Softcover, 286 Pages.

Sold in Australia for $49.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $24.42 Including delivery.


Eco – Farm
by Charles Walters

In this book, eco-agriculture is explained — from the tiniest molecular building blocks to managing the soil — in terminology that not only makes the subject easy to learn, but vibrantly alive. Eco-Farm truly delivers a complete education in soils, crops, and weed and insect control.Chapters provide detailed discussions of trace elements, tillage, the N,P&K concept, animal health, crops, soil carbon and calcium, insects, soil life, crop rotation, and much more.

This should be the first book read by everyone beginning in eco-agriculture . . . and the most shop-worn book on the shelf of the most experienced.

Softcover, 450 Pages.

Sold in Australia for $39.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $25.76 Including delivery.


The Anatomy of Life & Energy In Agriculture
by Arden B. Andersen, Ph.D.

The energies in fertilizers and in the cosmos do not often move needles, but they preside over crop production. As this manual makes clear, through learning to tap and use “life-force energy” it is possible to develop food production practices that are both high quality and nondestructive. Since high sugar and mineral levels confer immunity to bacterial, insect and fungal attack, a complete Brix chart on crops is included. Andersen’s chapters outline in detail the difference between deadly slow-kill agribusiness farming and farming as it should be.
6 x 9 inches. Softcover, 114 pages, Item #3063.

Sold in Australia for $39.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $14.95 Including delivery.


Sea Energy Agriculture
by Maynard Murray, M.D.

Reprinted by popular demand! Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals — especially trace elements — to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950s, Dr. Murray used sea solids — mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water — as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. His extensive experiments demonstrated repeatedly and conclusively that plants fertilized with sea solids and animals fed sea-solid-fertilized feeds grow stronger and more resistant to disease. Sea Energy Agriculture recounts Murray’s experiments and presents his astounding conclusions. The work of this eco-ag pioneer was largely ignored during his lifetime, and his book became a lost classic — out of print for over 25 years. Now this rare volume is available to a new generation of readers. Softcover, 109 pages, Item # 6579.

Sold in Australia for $29.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $14.95 Including delivery.


The Soul of Soil
by Joe Smillie and Grace Gershuny

All life on earth depends on the complex dynamics of the soil ecosystem. To understand soil is to be aware of how everything affects and is affected by it. This book provides a practical introduction to managing soil for long-term
productivity. It is a handbook of useful practical guidelines to help make
sound management decisions based on ecological principles, with minimal
off-farm fertilisers.

Softcover, 174 Pages.

Sold in Australia for $39.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $23.36 Including delivery.


Secrets of the Soil
by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

This book reports the stories of the innovative, nontraditional and spiritual methods that certain scientists and farmers are using to avoid the use of toxic chemical agriculture. Such things as rock dusts, Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic techniques, Phil Callahan’s contributions. This is a great overview of the new agriculture now starting to take hold by two of eco-writing’s most meticulous researchers. A modern classic on the eclectic side of alternative agriculture.
Copyright 1998. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Softcover, 444 pages. Item # 3062

Sold in Australia for $59.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $18.65 Including delivery.

Albrecht’s Foundation Concepts (Volume 1)
by William A. Albrecht, Ph.D.

After many years, The Albrecht Papers Vol. 1 is back in print. Nature gave up her rare secrets to Dr. Albrecht simply because he was a curious farm boy who liked logic and adventure. Through his extensive experiments with growing plants, soils and their effect on animals, he sustained his theory and observation that a declining soil fertility, due to a lack of organic material, major elements, and trace minerals – or a marked imbalance in these nutrients – was responsible for poor crops and in turn for pathological conditions in animals fed deficient feeds from soils. These papers addressed to scientists, and especially to farmers who worked with nature are as valid today as when they were first written. Softcover, 515 pages, Item # 1007.

Sold in Australia for $49.95 plus $8.00 postage and handling.

Our price $18.69 Including delivery.


Chicken Tractor
by Andrew Lee and Patricia Foreman.

A revolutionary, practical, hands-on book for gardeners and poultry growers which has helped thousands of gardeners have better gardens and has changed the lives of chickens all over the world.

A chicken tractor is a bottomless portable pen that fits over your garden beds. Just set it wherever you need help in your garden.

The chickens peck and scratch the soil to clean your beds, eat pest bugs and weed seeds, and fertilise the beds with their manure.

Softcover, 320 pages.

Sold in Australia for $24.15 plus $6.50 postage and handling.

Our price $18.99 Including delivery.


Teaming With Microbes
by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis.

Foreword Elaine Ingham

Teaming with Microbes enlightens readers in two important ways.
Description of the activies of the organisms that make up the soil food web, from the simplest of single-cell organisms to more familiar multicellular animals such as insects, worms & mammals. Knowing how each of these groups contribute to the soil drives home the complexity and fragility of their interactions & promotes respect for their integrity.
Describes how to foster and cultivate soil life through the use of compost, mulches & compost teas.

Sold in Australia for $29.99 plus $6.50 postage and handling.

Our price $21.92 Including delivery.

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Agriculture Conversions

Convert To Multiple by
Acres Hectares 0.4047
Hectares Acres 2.4711
Ca (Calcium) CaO (Calcium oxide) 1.3994
Ca (Calcium) CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate) 2.5
CaO (Calcium oxide) Ca (Calcium) 0.7146
CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate) Ca (Calcium) 0.4
K (Potassium) K2O (Potassium oxide) 1.2047
K2O (Potassium oxide) K (Potassium) 0.8301
Mg (Magnessium) MgO (Magnessium oxide) 1.6581
MgO (Magnessium oxide) Mg (Magnessium) 0.6031
P (Phosphorous) P2O5 (Phosphate) 2.2915
P2O5 (Phosphate) P (Phosphorous) 0.4364
N (Nitrogen) NO3 (Nitrate)  
NO3 (Nitrate) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) (NH2)2CO (Urea)  
(NH2)2CO (Urea) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) NH3 (Ammonium)  
NH3 (Ammonium) N (Nitrogen)  
N (Nitrogen) Protien (General)  
Protien (General) N (Nitrogen)  
Si (Silicon) SiO2 (Silica)  
SiO2 (Silica) Si (Silicon)  
Al (Aluminium) Al2O3 (Aluminium oxide)  
Al2O3 (Aluminium oxide) Al (Aluminium)  
Fe (Iron) FeO (Iron oxide)  
FeO (Iron oxide) Fe (Iron)  
Fe (Iron) Fe2O3 (Iron (III) oxide)  
Fe2O3 (Iron (III) oxide) Fe (Iron)  
Fe (Iron) Fe3O4 (Magnetite)  
Fe3O4 (Magnetite) Fe (Iron)  
Na (Sodium) Na2O (Sodium oxide)  
Na2O (Sodium oxide) Na (Sodium)  
Na (Sodium) NaCl (Sodium chloride)  
NaCl (Sodium Chloride) Na (Sodium)  
Ti (Titanium) TiO2 (Titanium dioxide)  
TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) Ti (Titanium)  
Mn (Manganese) MnO (Manganese oxide)  
MnO (Manganese Oxide) Mn (Manganese)  
S (Sulphur) SO3 (Sulphur trioxide)  
SO3 (Sulphur trioxide) S (Sulphur)  
S (Sulphur) SO32- (Sulfite)  
SO32- (Sulfite) S (Sulphur)  
S (Sulphur) SO4 (Sulphate)  
SO4 (Sulphate) S (Sulphur)  
Sr (Strontium) SrO (Strontium oxide)  
SrO (Strontium oxide) Sr (Strontium)  

Example: To convert 10 acres to hectares is 10 multiply by 0.4047 = 4.047 hectares.