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This is a great book that is out of copyright.

A New and Rational System of Land Fertilisation and Physical Regeneration

By Dr. Julius Hensel

Table of Contents

Stone Meal as a Fertiliser
Stone Meal Manure

Contributions from Hensel’s Followers
Stone Meal Stone Fertilising
Letter to Mr. Schmitt
Letter by Mr. K. Utermohlen
The Stone Meal of Dr. Hensel
About Stone Meal Manure
What help can be given to the Hard-Pressed Farmers
The Rheinischer Courier-June 6, 1893
The Rheinischer Courier-June 29, 1893
The Neus Mannheimer Volkblatt
Iron Slag
Neus Mannheimer Volksblatt
Wiesbadener General Anzeiger
Meeting of Farmers and Friends of Agriculture Assembled on June 25, 1893

Stone Meal Fertilization from Viewpoint of Agricultural Chemistry
A Chapter for Chemists
Stone Meal as a Tobacco Fertilizer

Downlaod here.