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The Benefits of Sunlight

sunlightWork, kids, home, shopping. They are typical of everyday life that are depleted our moral strenuous tasks. Fortunately, the holidays arrive, and either on the beach or the mountains, all run to relax outside. Sleeping, eating out, going swimming, sunbathing … who do not wish to do something about this right now? Or even Will all at once? The latter, sunbathing, is probably the most widespread practice, who do not feel like lying down for a while and doze with its relaxing effect? Sunbathing is most popular in the summer months, although the practice is spreading to other months, depending upon the temperature.
Do you know what the benefits of sunbathing are?


The sun, taken with due caution, is a source of health benefits. During the summer, enhances relaxation, increases the immune system and our sex life and even protects against depression, among other benefits.


The explanation is that the UV rays increase the production of a neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of being: serotonin, which is also involved in the regulation of sleep, body temperature and sexual behavior.


This is not an excuse to expose the uncontrolled sun. We have to consider how your skin reacts to sun light so avoid using the central hours of the day, do it gradually and protect our head.


This time of year also positively influences the heart and the effect of heat lowers blood pressure. This coupled with the fact that in summer perform more physical activity and eat more fruit, causes cardiovascular disease suffer a decline at this time of year,


Indeed, vitamin D is one of the main benefits of sun bathing. “It has very important role in intestinal calcium absorption and bone mineralization function. Therefore, it is important to keep a daily exposure to sunlight taking the proper precautions.


According to the specialist therapeutic benefits of the sun already known since the nineteenth century, when patients with tuberculosis and rickets were exposed to sunlight. There autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis suffering significant improvements with sun exposure.

The benefits of sunbathing are counted everywhere. Sunbathing is one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to take care of our body. One of the main benefits of sunbathing is the increase of vitamin D.

Although the vitamins are primarily acquired diet, vitamin D case is different, since this thanks to UV sunlight through a cholesterol derivative precursor is metabolized. Sunbathing, therefore, not only keeps our bones and teeth strong and healthy, but also helps to lower cholesterol. A vitamin D, you can also attach other beneficial properties as a result of sun, such as decreased blood pressure, ideal for hypertension, prevention of numerous cancers, such as breast or colon, and also protects against multiple sclerosis, so it is clear that the benefits of sunbathing are highly important for our body.

Among the benefits of sunbathing is also improving the immune system because it activates white blood cells, and it is a wonderful beauty treatment as it helps eliminate acne and boosts metabolism, helping you lose weight. Clearly, a good sun bath is the best treatment for health and beauty.

Sunbathing regularly produces increased levels of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, an increase in testosterone, which causes an increase in sexual desire, and increases the levels of nocturnal melatonin, which promotes sleep and rest. These effects are most evident during the summer, which have a higher incidence of sunlight.

As we can see, the benefits of sunbathing are numerous and varied, and help take care of your health in all possible areas. However, is gold that glitters?

Despite the numerous benefits of sunbathing, humans need to be protected from too much sun because UV radiation, namely A, can damage our skin if you do not care. Use sunscreen for sun protection is a very healthy habit if you want to take care of your health and beauty, because sun damage can be very serious and even irreversible.

Our skin needs sunlight, but in perspective manner. To avoid overheating, the skin has its own defense mechanism, melanin production. Melanin is a pigment UV absorbed radiation, preventing DNA damage. However, if radiation is intense, and summer at certain times, such protection becomes inefficient and radiation can seriously damage our skin, causing irritation, burns, and even skin cancer.

To avoid damage, besides not bask in the rush hours, it is necessary to use sunscreen to help protect our skin from the sun, preventing cell damage while retaining the benefits of sunbathing.

So here, you know, if you want to take care of your health and beauty, don’t forget to take sun bath.


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