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Virus Goodwill from BioStim

With all the bad news in the world, I want to do something positive. As a local small business, we are feeling the strain as well. If you have received the government stimulus or have a few extra dollars, we hope to entice you to make a purchase.

For the next week, we will include a 20 gram sample of MycoGold with every order. We hope you will give it to someone who might benefit (drop in their letter box and message them) or pass it onto a family member to use.

This is just our little goodwill effort to help get our thoughts off the virus. Get into the garden/land and grow a plant. The vitamin D and fresh air can only be beneficial 🙂

p.s If you have a business and would like some free promotion, send me a reply email with your details to feature in our next newsletter.  

Kind regards
Tim Lester

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