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Brixmeter: A Smarter Way to Check the Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

vegetables-brixHow often have you brought fruits or vegetables that looked great but turned out to be floury? Well, outer appearance might not always offer a great way to determine the quality. Many wholesale agricultural buyers are often plagued with the same challenge of determining fruit and vegetable quality objectively. The challenge for farmers is to figure out the optimum time to pick fruits and vegetables to deliver maximum taste and nutritional value. The BrixMeter™ brings solves these issues in an objective way. It is an easy to use tool that quickly presents objective information to solve the above problems. In simple terms, the BrixMeter™ is a professional refractometer that measures the amount of dissolved solids in fruits, vegetables and grasses. It helps the customer/wholesaler/farmer to arrive at sugar level content or minerals (nutrient density) in fruits or vegetables.


BrixMeter™ equips you with a scientific method to determine quality produce. The higher the refractometer reads, the better will be the taste and higher will be the mineral content.


Benefits for Growers/Farmers

  • Find out the best time for the harvest. For example farmers can measure the readiness of the hay or the best time to pick fruit from their orchard.
  • Helps you to ensure your customers get the best tasting fruits and vegetables.
  • Enables you to offer most delicious ripe fruit when someone visits your orchard/farm.
  • Offers you a chance to regulate water and fertiliser supply to the plant by monitoring the sugar content of the growing plant.
  • Provides useful information while grading fruits and vegetables.
  • It is a much helpful tool for any Agricultural Cooperative Association and Agricultural Research Institutes.


Benefits for Fruit Wholesalers and Retail Customers

  • Sugar content reveals the sweetness of the fruit. At wholesale market a buyer can easily determine how fresh (sweet) the fruits and vegetables are.
  • If the sugar content of the fruit and vegetables are displayed on their bin, it will help the buyers know the quality of the product they are about the buy.


According to a recent estimate, 80 percent of the quality indicators in fruit and vegetables are represented by the natural sugar that correlate to great flavour and goodness. It is by far one of the best indicators of quality available in the market that can be obtained by one simple and quick in-field test. BrixMeter™ is a standard piece of tool for many agronomist and widely used in fruit and citrus industry. Currently juice factories and vineyards actively use brix meters to determine the level of flavour in juice and blend them accordingly but more agriculture operations are finding this tools useful . It has recently been observed as a trend adopted by several agricultural processing companies to offer some sort of bonus to incentivize farmers with fruits and vegetable of high brix readings. There is always a need for high quality produce and with this high quality a premium is expected to be reflected in the price. Determining quality produce in an easy/scientific way benefits everyone.


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