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What is EMF radiation and how to beat it?

emf-from-power-towersWe live in a technologically advanced world where we have a number of machines to do our household chores. When you need food, you can easily cook it in a microwave oven; when you need clean clothes, a washing machine can do the deed and when you need entertainment, television, laptops and smartphones can assist you. But have you ever wondered that these little things that save your time and keep you happy may be having some side effects.


How EMF is a danger to your family?

If not, then do brush up your knowledge on EMF over here. Every electronic device, whether it has a wire or not eminates electromagnetic fields that are very harmful for you and your loved ones. The EMF can be a very dangerous source of stress in human beings and can also harm their immune system. It can further lead to vulnerability of a human to chronic diseases. Researchers have also claimed that too much exposure of EMF to small children can lead to deadly diseases like cancer.


How to deal with EMF related risks?

Well the simplest solution would be to do away with all the electronic devices at your home and start living a technology free life. But we all know that it’s not a viable option so have a look at some of the most viable options that can assist you in keeping your family safe from EMF.

  • Minimizing the unnecessary uses of technology like cooking every dish in a microwave oven can be a feasible option.
  • Removing the plugs when the device is not in use should be adopted as your new good habit.
  • Not using electronic devices like smartphones when they are charging or have low battery should be considered by you.
  • Last but simply the most important option is to buy a high quality EMF meter that can track the intensity of EMF on a person or in a household can help to to get alerts whenever your exposure to EMF level is too high.

People always worry that putting up an EMF Meter can make them feel stupid but they are not aware that there are many types of EMF meters that can easily be put on your body. They are usually in the form of key chains and even bracelets which would help you to preserve your image in front of others.

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