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Real Sea Salt

Once upon a time, salt was expensive and disputes were even fought over it. Salt was in such demand, and was so valuable, such salt became a commodity, with it becoming as valuable as gold. At other times, it was minted into coins so that it could be used anywhere and at any place. Because of this craving for salt, from the rich to the poor, even empires tried to control this huge market, with taxes, wars, riots, and sometimes even revolutions.

Not only do salt bring a wondrous and rich flavour to food, it also provides humans, balance in cells and tissues. Salt also helps us with a normal amount of blood, and is the formation of fibres while also playing a important part in our digestion, and correct heart beat. The sodium (often confused with salt itself) regulates the blood and is responsible for correct muscles. Through those reasons, salt is a very important part to our heath. Salt also offers cures, because of it’s healing agent, which is why nowadays, salt is also used to eliminate dead skin and increate circulation.

What you have in the kitchen is probably conventional salt, while real mineral salt is organic, real, natural salt, that differs from normal salt, because of it’s incredible minerals and trace elements inside, that was meant by nature. While most salts are salt, most of them don’t end up very similar. After the salt is created through processing and drying, a lot of foreign chemicals are added into the mix, then to further contaminate the salt, it is bleached to help produce free flowing salt. This is why real organic salt is the solution, because natural always the best. Another benefit of using natural mineral salt is because of the flavour, that is just fantastic! Because Natural sea salt is hand harvested, and dried with the sun, it takes nutrients and flavour to new levels!