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Why You Need To Choose Erythritol

Health risks and diseases are well – known when consuming too much of table sugar and thus using artificial sweeteners as a substitute for table sugar is good. Until recently there are artificial sweeteners as a substitute for table sugar such as Xylitol, Sorbitol and Malitol but now there is some health concern regarding the use of these artificial sweeteners. What other alternatives do we have?

Use VitaSweet, a sugar alternative that is natural and all – healthy. VitaSweet is made from erythritol that is naturally found in fruits (such as pear, grapes, and melons) and vegetables (such as mushrooms) as well as in human body. Known as sugar alcohol (also known as polyols), this type of sugar is produced by fermentation of the natural sugar found in corn or wheat starch in industrial – scale production. The corn or wheat starch is treated with special enzymes to break it down, producing glucose, which are then mixed with yeast. The yeast are then ferments the produced glucose to form erythritol. Erythritol are then made in to crystal forms by heating the mixture to kill the yeast and then dried before several stages of purification.

Erythritol was found by a British chemist named John Stenhouse in 1848. Erythritol occurs naturally in fruits and fermented fruits. This type of this monosaccharide sugar is nearly 70% as sweet as table sugar minus the after taste in other sugar alternatives and it’s non – caloric. There are many benefits when using erythritol as an alternative of table sugar such as;
•  Non – caloric content that is less than 95% than table sugar
•  Does not affect your blood sugar and tooth decay
•  It’s partially absorbed into your body, a useful properties if you want to lose weight
•  Non – laxative, compared to other sugar alternative
•  May reduce the risk of disease as it’s an antioxidant and a free – radical scavenger
•  Zero in glycemic index, meaning it won’t affect your blood sugar
•  Suitable for diabetic patients, people with pre – diabetic conditions, and children
•  Can be consumed by vegetarians
•  Easy to digest compared to other sugar alternatives
•  Readily absorbed but not metabolized, meaning it won’t affect your digestive system


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